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Seatpost flex is one of the primary sources of rider comfort while sitting in the saddle, and bike designers have long understood that decreasing the seatposts diameter and increasing its effective length can enhance that effect. Ever since, the two bikes have been locked in a battle for sales supremacy. The system does bob more under power than what Specialized uses on the Roubaix, but that softer feel also leaves you feeling fresher after a long day. Download the map ( pdf sporting aspects, the Sunday April 9th 2017, the 115th edition of Paris-Roubaix will be running from Compiègne to Roubaix. However, it certainly more real estate for engineers to play with in the bikes design. Date, start and Finish, distance, flat, sunday, April 8, 2018. The Roubaix and Domane are very similar, but they differ greatly on the road and in this hotly contested market, there can be only one winner. Taylor Phinney (USA) EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale 9, zdenek Stybar (Cze) Quick-Step Floors 10, jens Debusschere (Bel) Lotto Soudal, read the full preview. Riders can easily adjust the ride quality of the rear end of the Trek Domane SLR by moving the black slider up or down. When not needed, all of the related hardware removes completely for a clean appearance. That original Roubaix may not pass the sniff test for what an endurance road bike should be in modern terms, but it had a massive impact on the market back then. Dillier was the last surviving rider of the original break, and he and Sagan worked together to build a minute lead as the entered the final stretch toward the velodrome finish line.

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For this head-to-head review, I rode both bikes for an unusually long period as compared to typical bike tests 16 months for the Domane, five months for the Roubaix. Had Specialized addressed all of this before the bikes release, it might have been a closer fight. Mock the FutureShock all you want; it absolutely works as advertised. The effectiveness of the flexing CG-R seatpost head is also dependent on the amount of saddle setback and rider weight: heavier riders and/or riders running more saddle setback will notice some benefit, but lighter riders who ride with their saddles further forward likely wont. In the end, he only managed fourth place. D63 saint-nicolas-LEZ-arras 156.5 0, saint-laurent-blangy (D63-D60-D258) 156.5 0, d258 arras 156.5 0 10:50 12:50 12:50 12:50, feuchy (D258-D37) 155.5 10:52 12:52 12:52 12:52, d37 athies (D37-D42) 154.5 2 10:53 12:53 12:52 12:52, d42 fampoux (D42-VC) 152.5 10:56 12:56 12:55 12:55 RŒUX (VC-D46) 149.5. Tire clearance at either end of the latest Roubaix is very generous (up to 32mm-wide, officially but Specialized doesnt take full advantage with the stock tires. On any bike, its not just the seatpost that flexes when a rider hits a bump; the entire seat tube bends like a diving board. Owners should be mindful of the front brake hose length, too; if left too long, itll rub on the front of the head tube. The handling was slightly more stable, the ride quality smoother and more composed, the rider position more upright and relaxed. The lower ones adjust the bearing preload, and the upper ones are tightened on top of those to lock the setting in place in theory, not unlike how an old threaded headsets work. FutureShock, however, is aimed more at reducing vibration and protecting the riders upper body from fatigue over longer rides.

Roubaix is more capable than ever at protecting your hands from road vibration. In addition, the Specialized CG-R carbon fiber seatpost incorporates an unusual kink up top that promises even more movement, and while the company could have gone further with a more undersized seatpost diameter (like Cannondale and others the.2mm size is the smallest option that. From the start, caravan 43km/h 45km/h 47km/h, france, pAS-DE-calais (62 vC arras (VC-D63) 156.5 0 10:35 12:35 12:35 12:35. In many ways, the Specialized Roubaix and Trek Domane SLR are very similar to each other, but theyre quite different on the road. Whether the embrace the polarizing aesthetics, however, is another matter entirely. As a result, I found myself on more than one occasion with a headset that was either tighter than I ideally wanted, or one that refused to stay tight. To find out more). Rear-end comfort on road bikes primarily comes from seatpost flex (and the tires). Unfortunately, that advantage is negated by the Roubaixs woefully clumsy headset adjustment.

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Curiously, no fender mounts are included on the Roubaix at all. Nevertheless, Trek may have strayed too far toward the stability end of the spectrum when it comes to the Domane SLRs handling. Specialized Roubaix and the, trek Domane SLR. In reality, though, having just two points of contact (instead of the fully circumferential one you would normally get by evenly pushing the stem down on top of the upper headset cover) makes it tricky to get a balanced adjustment. This latest version ups the ante by offering user-adjustable ride stiffness, tunable with a handy vertical slider that effectively changes the length of that diving board by altering the fulcrum point just like what real-life competitive divers do, in fact. Otherwise, the new Roubaix and Domane SLR are quite similar to each other. Both the Trek Domane SLR (left) and Specialized Roubaix (right) take the idea of seatpost and seat tube flex, and expand upon them to provide their users with a more comfortable ride. The internal cable routing setup on the Trek Domane SLR is both tidy and versatile, easily accommodating both mechanical and electronic drivetrains. I tackled a wide range of both paved and unpaved surfaces throughout, and also sampled a collection of wheels, tires, and saddles on both machines to get as well-rounded an opinion of their respective characters as possible. Tire clearance on the Trek Domane SLR is outstanding. The Specialized Roubaix and Trek Domane SLR are both made of carbon fiber, but with very different proportions. Both feature new and truly legitimate pavement-specific suspension technologies designed to smooth out rough roads, powerful disc brakes, stable handling with back-friendly fits, and clearance for big, cushy tires. Sagan started the race as the mystery man - his form was excellent in Gent-Wevelgem, where he delivered a fine victory, but he was lacking either in strength or attention when Niki Terpstra escaped in Flanders. Instead of the usual single preload bearing and headset cap sitting atop the steerer tube, a pair of grub screws sit on either side of the upper headset cover. The unusual CG-R seatpost has been in the Specialized stable for several seasons now.

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The extended seatpost, meanwhile, works better on unexpected impacts, but feels considerably stiffer overall. Its more an issue of aesthetics and convenience (cue the anti-saddle bag crowd but neat to have nonetheless. Specializeds tire size argument holds some merit, but switching to 32mm-wide tires still substantially expands the comfort envelope in terms of what the Roubaix can handle. The real contenders rise to the forefront at Mons-en-Pévèle, the next five-star track with almost 50km still to race. From an engineering standpoint, BB90 makes a lot of sense: its always better to space bearings further apart on a rotating shaft, theres more room for bigger frame tubes and broader chainstay spacing for extra tire clearance, and with no additional cups required, it saves. Likewise, the Roubaix geometry also features shorter chainstays and shorter wheelbases across the board, as well as longer trail dimensions. The pivoting bearing cradle allows the upper section of the steerer tube to flex more than would otherwise be allowed with a conventional fixed headset setup. Beginning with the Troisvilles sector, the mayhem builds as riders puncture, crash or are simply dropped because they lack the power to glide over the rough surface. Treks new Front IsoSpeed mechanism is the key to the Domane SLRs balanced ride quality. Front IsoSpeed rides firmer than the FutureShock cartridge on the Roubaix: the latter eradicating vibration almost completely; the former behaving more like a filter that removes the harshness from the road surface. Tightening the upper set screws on top of those can also add extra unwanted preload, and theres no way to directly counter-rotate the lower and upper set screws against each other; thread-retaining compound is a must. With the Roubaix, its the exact opposite. The action heats up in the Arenberg Forest after 162km, the first five-star secteur.

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Plan cul mulhouse lorient For me, my money is on the Domane SLR. Coming from a mountain-bike background, I initially questioned Specializeds decision to omit any sort of damping mechanism in the FutureShock design.
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Adresse de pute au locle schaffhouse Sectors of Pave in the 2018 Paris-Roubaix 29 - Troisvilles (km.5 -.2 km) Briastre (km 100 - 3 km) Saint-Python (km 109 -.5 km) Quiévy (km 111.5 -.7 km) Saint-Vaast (km 119 -.5 km) Verchain-Maugré (km 130 -.2 km). That said, it also has a few rough edges, the ride quality of the rear end cant keep up, and there are a few too many curious spec issues to ignore. Provided you take the time to select the right spring for your weight and riding style there are three different spring rates available your hands essentially float in the sweet spot site échangiste recherche celibataire gratuit of the springs travel range while the front of the bike busily follows the.