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Nunavut was separated from the Northwest Territories in 1999. Now, mineral resources supersede it, with large reserves of copper, zinc, silver, gold, lead, uranium, and other minerals. Contents Etymology edit The name is descriptive, adopted by the British government during the colonial era to indicate where it lay in relation to Rupert's Land. "BHP Billiton 2010 Annual Report page 124 " (PDF). One of the most popular proposals for a new name one to name the territory "Bob" began as a prank, but for a while it was at or near the top in the public-opinion polls. There are not many trees in most of the eastern areas of the territory, or in the north islands. Further reading edit Coates, Kenneth (1985). 11 12 In the end a poll conducted prior to division showed that strong support remained to keep the name "Northwest Territories". The Territory has a fairly dry climate due to the mountains in the west. Land claims in the NWT began with the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, signed on June 5, 1984. In the Parliament of Canada, the NWT comprises a single Senate division and a single House of Commons electoral district, titled Northwest Territories ( Western Arctic until 2014). (Figures shown are for the number of single language responses and the percentage of total single-language responses) 30 Communities edit Looking towards downtown Yellowknife from Old Town Main article: List of municipalities in the Northwest Territories As of 2014 there are 33 official communities. The 2016 census returns showed a population of 41,786.

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Northwest Territories Official Languages Act, 1988 (as amended 1988, 19911992, 2003) "Census Profile, 2016 Census". You're Reading a Free Preview, pages 6 to 67 are not shown in this preview. Tourism edit During the winter, many international visitors go to Yellowknife to watch the auroras. However, the laws are legally binding only in their French and English versions, and the NWT government only publishes laws and other documents in the territory's other official languages when the legislature asks. The tree line, cutting right across the Northwest Territories, constitutes a striking feature, where fir, spruce, and birch forests become treeless tundra. It is the gateway airport to other destinations within the Northwest Territories. University of Ottawa Press. The southern part of the territory (most of the mainland portion) has a subarctic climate, while the islands and northern coast have a polar climate. In winter in the south, it is not uncommon for the temperatures to reach 40 C (40 F but they can also reach the low teens during the day. NWT diamonds are promoted as an alternative to purchasing blood diamonds. The Yukon was made a separate territory that year, due to the Klondike Gold Rush, to free the North-west Territories government in Regina from the burden of addressing the problems caused by the sudden boom of population and economic activity, and the influx of non-Canadians.

Northwest Territories, indigenous Canada CIM Magazine February 2009 by CIM-ICM Publications - Issuu DE, lA cour suprÊME, dES., northwest Inuit in, northwest Territories. Inuit are known as Inuvialuit in the. The traditional culture is based on the Beaufort sea, hunting and fishing the shore, the islands and the sea ice. Inuvialuit speak three dialects, Siglit, Uummarmiut, and Kangiryuarmiut, languages of the Mackenzie Delta and Arctic coast. Site - de - rencontre -pour-arabe: 2010 Fabuleux Canada - Scribd 13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Northwest Territories - Official, site Au Cactus Francophone : Livre d'or Femmes à la recherche pour le sexe dans frosinone site CIM-ICM Publications, Name: CIM Magazine February 2009. De notre site, web et de nos nombreuses rencontres. Willing provinces and territories. Site de rencontres amoureuses et sérieuses avec des milliers de femmes célibataires du Canada. Retrouvez des milliers d annonces de femmes.

In 2010, NWT accounted for.5 of Rio Tinto's total diamond production (3.9 million site de rencontre val d oise saint trond carats, 17 more than in 2009, from the Diavik Diamond Mine ) and 100 of BHP's (3.05 million carats from the ekati mine ). Seven MLAs are also chosen as cabinet ministers, with the remainder forming the opposition. In 1925, the boundaries of the Northwest Territories were extended all the way to the North Pole on the sector principle, vastly site de rencontre val d oise saint trond expanding its territory onto the northern ice site de rencontre val d oise saint trond cap. In winter in the north it is not uncommon for the temperatures to reach 50 C (58 F) but they can also reach the single digits during the day. "Rio Tinto 4th quarter 2010 Operations" (PDF). Retrieved January 10, 2009. It is shortened from North-Western Territory ( see History). The member of Parliament for the Northwest Territories is Michael McLeod ( Liberal Party ). Archived from the original on January 18, 2003. 49 The Premier is Bob McLeod.

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"Canadian Heritage Northwest Territories". "Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act". The Northwest Territories' Official Languages Act recognizes the following eleven official languages : 29 NWT residents have a right to use any of the above languages in a territorial court, and in the debates and proceedings of the legislature. This name arguably became more appropriate following division than it had been when the territories extended far into Canada's north-central and northeastern areas. This immense region comprised all of today's Canada except that which was encompassed within the early signors of Canadian Confederation, that is, British Columbia, early forms of present-day Ontario and Quebec (which encompassed the coast of the Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence River valley and. This became a problem during spring and fall time when the ice was not thick enough to handle vehicle load but the ferry could not pass through the ice, which would require all goods from fuel to groceries to be airlifted during the transition period. Government of the Northwest Territories: Industry, Tourism and Investment. The region extends from the high Mackenzie Mountains in the west to the tundra regions of the east (and the border with Nunavut Territory, established in 1999). Extremes are common with summer highs in the south reaching 36 C (97 F) and lows reaching into the negatives. Culture edit Aboriginal issues in the Northwest Territories include the fate of the Dene who, in the 1940s, were employed to carry radioactive uranium ore from the mines on Great Bear Lake. Citation needed On April 1, 1999, the existing Northwest Territories was split into two parts, with a separate Nunavut territory being formed to represent the Inuit people. 20 21 Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec acquired the last addition to their modern landmass from the Northwest Territories in 1912. Retrieved October 17, 2015. "Selected Religions, for Canada, Provinces and Territories  20 Sample Data".